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Part No.:T1065Z 
Description:FUJI XP142 XP143 XP242 XP243 KMF80-20 DAMPER CZPT XP machine parts
Condition: Original new or copy new 

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QP242E, CP642E, CP742E,CP842E,NXT,XP/QP341 
No. Part No. Description In-stock Qty. Remark Machine 
1 A1037W KSHA6X15-47W 1 Original new parts CP642,CP643 
A1037Y KSHA6X15-72W 1 Original new parts CP742-CP842 
2 A1040Z AMPERFILER,F1RM-04 3 Original new parts QP242 
3 A1042T AMPERFILER,HPX-T1 1 Original new parts CP642,CP643 
4 A1042Z AMPERFILER,HPX-H1-019 2 Original new parts QP242 
5 A1042A AMPERFILER, PX7-CRD 2 Original new parts CP643. 
6 AA20A00 NXT-1.3MM NOZZLE 1 Original new parts NXT 
7 ABHPH8180 QP242 Index Holder Assy. 1 Used QP2 
8 ADBPH8084 QP341 HOLDER 1 Original new parts QP341,QP351 
9 ADBPN8166 QP3 nozzle 10.0 4 Original new parts QP341,QP351 
10 ADBPN8176 QP3 nozzle 15.0 2 Original new parts QP341,QP351 
11 ADBPN8186 QP3 nozzle 20.0 2 Original new parts QP341,QP351 
12 ADBPP8571 PULLEY(=MQC1292) 2 Original new parts QP242 
13 ADBPP8571 PULLEY 10 Original new parts QP242 
14 ADCPH3110 HOLDER ASSY 22 Original new parts CP742 
15 ADCPH3130 ROD,JOINT ASSY.( =ADCPH3412),1St. 5+4 Original new parts CP742,CP743,CP842 
ADCPH3140 ROD,JOINT ASSY.( =ADCPH3452),9St. 5+3 Original new parts CP742,CP743,CP842 
16 ADEPN8651 XP242, HOLDER 3 Original new parts XP241,XP242,XP243 
17 ADGPH3301 SHAFT, CP7-CP8 3 Original new parts CP742,CP842 
18 ADGPH4308 SHAFT ASSY 1 Original new parts CP742,CP743, 
19 ADGPH8011 HOLDER ASSY 4 Original new parts CP842 
20 ADGPM8012 HEAD ASSY,(ADCPM8012,AMPQ8012) 22+2 Original new parts CP742,CP842 
21 AWPH3088 SHAFT ASSY. (AAWPH3086) 7 Original new parts CP642,CP643 
22 AWPH3115 CP6 HOLDER (AWPH3110) 5 Original new parts CP642 
23 AWPH3120 SHAFT SPLINE 3+4 Original new parts CP6 
24 AWPM8571 SHAFT SPLINE 18st. 1 Original new parts CP642,CP643 
25 AYPH3110 CP6-5000 SHAFT ASSY.(AYPH3119) 2 Original new parts CP6-5000 
26 CP7 1.3melf CP7 1.3Melf nozzle 32 Original new parts CP7,CP8, 
27 CP7UV LAMP DCGC-0150 ( UV LAMP-Right) 1 Original new parts CP7,CP8, 
28 CSQC571 ROTARY ACTUATOR 4 Original new parts CP6,CP7,CP8 
29 CSQC5371 CP643 JAW 50+50 Original new parts CP642,CP643 
30 DCPA0172 COUPLING UCN-80B-25X28 4 Original new parts CP742/842 
31 DCPA5710 PULLEY (DCPA1260) 1 Original new parts CP7,CP8, 
32 DCPA571 ROLLER 3 Original new parts CP7,CP8 
33 DCPH0681 VALVE (CP732,CP743) 80 Original new parts CP742 
34 DCPH0742 SHAFT(9pcs+11pcs) 20 Original new parts CP742,CP842 
35 DCPH571 VALVE CP7(DCPH0681) 50 Original new parts CP743 
36 DEEM5392 LAMP, X-71RH 8 Original new parts XP242,XP143 
37 DEEM5461 LAMP, X-91RH 1 Original new parts XP242,XP144 
38 R1009A LAMP 7376AS26 8 Original new parts CP643/QP341 
39 DEPN4090 XP242,Nozzle-10.0mm (ADEPN8651) 3 Original new parts XP241,XP242,XP243 
40 DGPH0090 HOSE ,AIR(=DGPH5650) 31 Original new parts CP7-CP8 
41 DGPH0090 AIR HOSE (DGPH5650) 100 COPY NEW PARTS CP732,CP743, CP842 
42 DGPH0650 SPRING 300 COPY NEW PARTS CP732,CP743, CP742 
43 DNPH3571 HOLDER 2 Original new parts XP242,XP241,XP243 
44 EEAN1830 SERVOPACK , DR2-A5AC-NY41 1 Used QP2 
45 EEAN2150 SERVOPACK , DR2-04AD-Y135 1 Used QP2 
46 EEAN2160 SERVOPACK , DR2-02AD-Y137 1 Used QP2 
47 FH1203C1F FEEDER CARD , XK5710/XK5712 1 Original new parts NXT 
48 FSC-30D CP43/IP3 SCSI CARD 1 Original USED parts CP43,IP3 
49 H10195 BATTERY, ER3V/3.6V 1 Original new parts XP143 
50 H13384 VALVE SOL. SX5320-5MZ-C6-F2-X21 1 Original new parts XP142,/XP242 
51 H3004T FU-2201(3500) 1set Original new parts CP7,CP8 
52 H31811 PLATE END, PBR8FN-203 2 Original new parts CP643 
53 H3181H PLATE END, PBRL6FN 6 Original new parts CP642,CP643 
54 H3181M PLATE END, PBRL8FN 19 Original new parts CP642,CP643 
55 H3181T PLATE END, PBR6FN 33 Original new parts CP642,CP643 
56 H4581A BEARING, BK81571A 31 Original new parts CP742,CP842 
57 HIMV-134 CP643E CPU CARD, HIMV-134 1 Original USED parts CP643 
58 K10571/1571 COUPLING,UCN100B-30X32 3 Original new parts CP642 
59 K1005X COUPLING 2 Original new parts CP742 
60 K1005Z COUPLING 20+12 Original new parts CP642 
61 K1129H XC-55FT WITH LENS(DCGC5710,557102) 1 Original USED parts CP732,CP743, CP742 
62 K11327 IK-54XF, CCD CAMERA POWER 3 Original USED parts CP732,CP742,QP341 
63 M5012A MOTOR, SC-H7A15ZMTR042 2 Original new parts CP643 
64 PQC0300 BELTS, L=2850mm 8 Original new parts CP6, IP3 
65 R1571T 92B-NEXT 2 Original new parts IP3 
66 R1571A UV LMAP MFXL-1000 10 Original new parts QP242 
67 H35715 FIBER UNIT, A10130,R4031E(HPF-T003) 1SET Original new parts ,XP242 
68 S2113H CDQ2D16-10D-F7BV 0 Original new parts CP6,QP2 
69 S31207 EE-SX771A 3 Original new parts XP242,XP143,CP7 
70 S31208 EE-SX772A 4 Original new parts XP242,XP143,CP7 
71 S3141B DL-S3R 3 Original new parts XP143 
72 S40321 DL-S4R 3 Original new parts XP242,XP143 
73 S4045E EE-SX772R 2 Original new parts NXT 
74 S40545 HPF-S086-A 3 Original new parts QP242 
75 S4077S PM-K44P-C3 , 3M 3 Original new parts NXT 
76 SAM1411 SGM-01A3FJ12 1 Used CP642 
SAM1411 SGM-01A3FJ12 2 Original new parts CP643 
77 SAM6230 SGM-A5A3FJ43 1 Used QP2 
78 SAM6240 SGM-A3A3FJ71 1 Used QP2 
79 VME4400 CP43/IP3 VISION CARD 1 Original USED parts CP43,IP3 
80 WPH0385 CLUTCH 2 USED CP642 
WPH0385 CLUTCH 4 Original new parts CP642 
81 XC-77 CP43, XC-77 CCD CAMERA 2 USED CP43 
82 XS01181 SPOOL VALVE 28 Original new parts NXT 
83 XS01802 SPOOL VALVE 38 Original new parts NXT 
84 SAM6540 SERVO MOTOR,SGMM-A2C3FJ12 1 Original USED parts QP341, 3500.00 
SAM6541 SERVO MOTOR,SGMM-A2C3FJ12 1 Original New parts QP341, 3500.01 
85 ABHPH8070 Retainer Spring 1 Original new parts QP242,QP341 
86 ABHPH8032 Retainer Spring 4 Original new parts QP242,QP342 
87 AWPQ8571 SHAFT SPLINE, 10St. 1 Original new parts CP643 
88 AWPQ8030 SHAFT SPLINE, 12St. 2 Original new parts CP643 
89 K2050E/K2050F FS-30E/FS-30D 1 Original USED parts CP43,IP3, CP642 
90 GPL1141 mirror Bkt-Left 1 Original new parts CP43,CP643 
91 ADBPP8571 PIN BACK-UP 4 Original new parts QP242,QP341, 
92 WPA5152 AIR CYLINDER FOR CP6 0 Original new parts CP643,CP642 
93 W1019T WAHSER 200 Original new parts CP643,CP643 
94 WPA5160 PLATE END, PBR8FN 3 Original new parts CP642,CP643 
95 S4032T SENSOR, UM-T50TV 1 Original new parts QP242,QP3 
96 S3148L HPJ-D21-L05 2 Original new parts XP, QP 
97 S31385 E3X-13A-R-FKS 2 Original new parts QP, IP3 
98 S3122Z SENSOR, E3S-LS3RC4 1 Original new parts CP,XP 
99 H30571 FS-L41 2 Original new parts CP7,CP8 
100 H3007H FU-59(2000) 4 Original new parts CP6,CP7,CP8 
101 DGSS0081 CRB-41W 1 Original new parts CP7,CP8 
102 S2100Z CDQ2A12-15DM-A73L 1 Original new parts QP242 
103 T1065Z DAMPER:KMF80-20-A (T1066B) 1 Original new parts XP143,/XP242 
104 ADCPA8112 MCHA7-25-12-LZ3(DCPA571) +1 3 Original new parts CP7,CP8(1ST.) 
105 ADCPA8132 MCHA7-25-12-RZ2 (ADCPA8121/DCPA0541) 3 Original new parts CP7,CP8(9ST.) 
106 ADCPA8142 MCHA7-28-12-LZ3(DCPA571) 1 Original new parts CP7,CP8(14ST.) 
107 CSQC1350 SWITCH PHOTO,DL-S7507D 1 Original used parts CP642,CP643 
108 S3130A SWITCH PHOTO,PS-47 1 Original new parts CP642,CP643 
109 WPU0330 JOINT,WPU0331 1 Original new parts CP642,CP643 
110 WPH0924 SLEEVE 5 Original new parts CP642,CP643 
111 WPU5712 JOINT 2 Original new parts CP642,CP643 
112 S45714 SENSOR, SH-31R 2 Original new parts IP2,IP3, QP2,QP3 
113 S4571H SENSOR,SH-21 1 Original new parts IP2,IP3, QP2,QP3 
114 S4571T SENSOR,SH-21. SLIT DIA.1 2 Original new parts IP2,IP3, QP2,QP3 
115 S4571Z SENSOR,SH-21E 2 Original new parts IP2,IP3, QP2,QP3 
116 S4030A SENSOR,SS2-300E 2 Original new parts IP2,IP3, QP2,QP3 
117 S4031A SENSOR,SS2-300F 2 Original new parts IP2,IP3, QP2,QP3 
118 S4032A SENSOR,SS3-M1R 1 Original new parts IP2,IP3, QP2,QP3 
1 DCGC5710 LENS,FML-28016CD /FML-28016(DCGC0600) 2 Original new parts CP732.CP742,CP842 
2 DCGC5710 LENS,FML-50059CD /FML-50059(DCGC0610) 2 Original new parts CP732.CP742,CP842 
3 ADCGP8571 CCD CAMERA 1 Original new parts CP732.CP742,CP842 
4 K1129H CCD CAMERA XC-55FT WITHOUT LENS 1 Original used parts CP732.CP742,CP842 
5 K2571 SCU-100C for QP242 SCU CARD 1 Original used parts QP242 
6 H1121N VALVE SOL, AXT309-5G-02-X11 1 Original new parts GL5,GL541 
7 S40548 SENSOR FIBER, HPF-S188-A 2+2 Original new parts CP732.CP742,CP842 
8 CSQC5380 SENSOR FIBER, FU-2254 1 Original new parts CP732.CP742,CP842 
9 S2571K/M/H/F LIGHTLAMP BRACKET 5 Original new parts CP732.CP742,CP842 
10 S3152T PRESS SW. VUS10-CJAS 3 Original new parts IP3 
11 MPA1431 HOOK SPRING 1 Original new parts CP642,CP643 
12 H10697/H1070A PCD245-NB-D24** , WITH BRACKET 4 Original new parts CP642,CP643 
13 ACSQL5710 VALVE SOL. F15T2-PS3(F15M2AJ-4W) ASSY 2 Original new parts CP643,CP7,CP8 
14 ACSQL5710 VALVE SOL. F10T4-PS3(F10M2AJ-24W) ASSY 2 Original new parts CP643,CP7,CP8 
15 H10669 VALVE SOL. F15T2-PL3-DC24V ASSY. 1 Original new parts CP643,CP7,CP8 
16 K11323 VGA CCD CAMERA , QP341 LENS HEAD ONLY 1 Original new parts QP341,QP351 
17 WPL0381 JAW 5 Original new parts CP7,CP8 
18 DCPL0192 JAW 5 Original new parts CP7,CP8 
19 DCPQ0180/0190 JOINT,ROD 1 Original new parts CP7,CP8 
20 A1039K AMPERFILER, FS-L71 1 Original new parts CP6,CP7 
21 WPA5150 AIR CYLINDER SPCHA7-25-12-Z3-B 4 Original new parts CP6 
22 S2085H DAD25X40-ZG553Z2-3731W 5 Original new parts CP6 
23 ADGPH2190 VALVE MVD235-ZB2 CP8 7 Original new parts CP8 
21 WPK0300 LEVER 2 Original new parts CP742, CP842 
22 MPJ2220 PAM MATERIALS 2 Original new parts CP6-7-8 
15 S2121R CYLINDER CQSB16-15D 15 Original new parts CP842E 
23 H35711 FILTER P-SC-50UW 2 Original new parts CP842E 
24 H4044T BEARING 6304ZZ 4 Original new parts CP6-7-842 
25 DCPA1333 PIN/BOLT 8 Original new parts CP7-842 
26 DGSY0420 SHEET 2 Original new parts CP7-842 

The Benefits of Spline Couplings for Disc Brake Mounting Interfaces

Spline couplings are commonly used for securing disc brake mounting interfaces. Spline couplings are often used in high-performance vehicles, aeronautics, and many other applications. However, the mechanical benefits of splines are not immediately obvious. Listed below are the benefits of spline couplings. We’ll discuss what these advantages mean for you. Read on to discover how these couplings work.

Disc brake mounting interfaces are splined

There are 2 common disc brake mounting interfaces – splined and six-bolt. Splined rotors fit on splined hubs; six-bolt rotors will need an adapter to fit on six-bolt hubs. The six-bolt method is easier to maintain and may be preferred by many cyclists. If you’re thinking of installing a disc brake system, it is important to know how to choose the right splined and center lock interfaces.

Aerospace applications

The splines used for spline coupling in aircraft are highly complex. While some previous researches have addressed the design of splines, few publications have tackled the problem of misaligned spline coupling. Nevertheless, the accurate results we obtained were obtained using dedicated simulation tools, which are not commercially available. Nevertheless, such tools can provide a useful reference for our approach. It would be beneficial if designers could use simple tools for evaluating contact pressure peaks. Our analytical approach makes it possible to find answers to such questions.
The design of a spline coupling for aerospace applications must be accurate to minimize weight and prevent failure mechanisms. In addition to weight reduction, it is necessary to minimize fretting fatigue. The pressure distribution on the spline coupling teeth is a significant factor in determining its fretting fatigue. Therefore, we use analytical and experimental methods to examine the contact pressure distribution in the axial direction of spline couplings.
The teeth of a spline coupling can be categorized by the type of engagement they provide. This study investigates the position of resultant contact forces in the teeth of a spline coupling when applied to pitch diameter. Using FEM models, numerical results are generated for nominal and parallel offset misalignments. The axial tooth profile determines the behavior of the coupling component and its ability to resist wear. Angular misalignment is also a concern, causing misalignment.
In order to assess wear damage of a spline coupling, we must take into consideration the impact of fretting on the components. This wear is caused by relative motion between the teeth that engage them. The misalignment may be caused by vibrations, cyclical tooth deflection, or angular misalignment. The result of this analysis may help designers improve their spline coupling designs and develop improved performance.
CZPT polyimide, an abrasion-resistant polymer, is a popular choice for high-temperature spline couplings. This material reduces friction and wear, provides a low friction surface, and has a low wear rate. Furthermore, it offers up to 50 times the life of metal on metal spline connections. For these reasons, it is important to choose the right material for your spline coupling.

High-performance vehicles

A spline coupler is a device used to connect splined shafts. A typical spline coupler resembles a short pipe with splines on either end. There are 2 basic types of spline coupling: single and dual spline. One type attaches to a drive shaft, while the other attaches to the gearbox. While spline couplings are typically used in racing, they’re also used for performance problems.
The key challenge in spline couplings is to determine the optimal dimension of spline joints. This is difficult because no commercial codes allow the simulation of misaligned joints, which can destroy components. This article presents analytical approaches to estimating contact pressures in spline connections. The results are comparable with numerical approaches but require special codes to accurately model the coupling operation. This research highlights several important issues and aims to make the application of spline couplings in high-performance vehicles easier.
The stiffness of spline assemblies can be calculated using tooth-like structures. Such splines can be incorporated into the spline joint to produce global stiffness for torsional vibration analysis. Bearing reactions are calculated for a certain level of misalignment. This information can be used to design bearing dimensions and correct misalignment. There are 3 types of spline couplings.
Major diameter fit splines are made with tightly controlled outside diameters. This close fit provides concentricity transfer from the male to the female spline. The teeth of the male spline usually have chamfered tips and clearance with fillet radii. These splines are often manufactured from billet steel or aluminum. These materials are renowned for their strength and uniform grain created by the forging process. ANSI and DIN design manuals define classes of fit.

Disc brake mounting interfaces

A spline coupling for disc brake mounting interfaces is a type of hub-to-brake-disc mount. It is a highly durable coupling mechanism that reduces heat transfer from the disc to the axle hub. The mounting arrangement also isolates the axle hub from direct contact with the disc. It is also designed to minimize the amount of vehicle downtime and maintenance required to maintain proper alignment.
Disc brakes typically have substantial metal-to-metal contact with axle hub splines. The discs are held in place on the hub by intermediate inserts. This metal-to-metal contact also aids in the transfer of brake heat from the brake disc to the axle hub. Spline coupling for disc brake mounting interfaces comprises a mounting ring that is either a threaded or non-threaded spline.
During drag brake experiments, perforated friction blocks filled with various additive materials are introduced. The materials included include Cu-based powder metallurgy material, a composite material, and a Mn-Cu damping alloy. The filling material affects the braking interface’s wear behavior and friction-induced vibration characteristics. Different filling materials produce different types of wear debris and have different wear evolutions. They also differ in their surface morphology.
Disc brake couplings are usually made of 2 different types. The plain and HD versions are interchangeable. The plain version is the simplest to install, while the HD version has multiple components. The two-piece couplings are often installed at the same time, but with different mounting interfaces. You should make sure to purchase the appropriate coupling for your vehicle. These interfaces are a vital component of your vehicle and must be installed correctly for proper operation.
Disc brakes use disc-to-hub elements that help locate the forces and displace them to the rim. These elements are typically made of stainless steel, which increases the cost of manufacturing the disc brake mounting interface. Despite their benefits, however, the high braking force loads they endure are hard on the materials. Moreover, excessive heat transferred to the intermediate elements can adversely affect the fatigue life and long-term strength of the brake system.

China Standard T1065z CZPT XP142 XP143 XP242 XP243 Kmf80-20 Damper CZPT XP Machine Parts     wholesaler China Standard T1065z CZPT XP142 XP143 XP242 XP243 Kmf80-20 Damper CZPT XP Machine Parts     wholesaler